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Drum Roll: Kips Bay Show House 2011 Designer List

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Last night’s reveal of the upcoming designers for the 2011 Kips Bay Show House was fun and full of friends. 

This list of designers encompasses formidable talent, newcomers as well as the venerables, which is spot on for a house of this caliber.

There will be a  terrific mix of design aesthetics, from elegantly clean design to traditional with impeccable details.

A wonderful aspect of a designer show house is seeing the top designer’s true cadence,

and I think these important rooms can subtlety change the course of decorating styles.

To see some photos of inside the house, please visit my friend Marisa Marcantonio’s blog STYLEBEAT.

For more information of hours and location go here.


Drum Roll and Congratulations:

Amanda Nisbet Design
Aurelien Gallet
Barbara Ostrom Associates
Bilotta Kitchens of New York
Brad Ford ID Inc.
Campion Platt
Cayley Barrett Associates, Ltd.
Fanuka Inc.
Greener by Design, Richard Heller
Gunn Landscapes
Harry Heissmann Inc.
Jamie Herzlinger Interior Design
Jeff Lincoln Interiors, Inc.
Celerie Kemble for Kemble Interiors
Mary McDonald Interiors
Matthew Patrick Smyth
Richard Mishaan Design
Robert Stilin