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In Good Company: Harry Heissmann

Thursday, April 21st, 2011


The thing about German-born Interior Designer Harry is. . .

he is not a formula.

His bespoke heritage pushes the boundaries of the current commonplace beige palettes. His unexpected and magical uses of color and objects are expressed in interiors of striking variety.  The result of his vision is a bit of;  fashion designer Matthew Williamson meets Auntie Mame in Manhattan.  All about the sophistication of the mix, all about the statement.

Susanna Salk, design expert, author, and Today Show contributor says, “What I love about Harry is that, while his European upbringing underscores his traditional love of family and decorum, it is married with a completely forward approach that life is full of colorful possibility and surprise. And his vibrant rooms reflect that.”

Harry Heissmann launched his firm two years ago, after working with the venerable Albert Hadley. He is also involved in fundraising and charity ventures for several New York institutions, including the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, Holiday House to benefit Susan G Komen for the Cure, and this year will be his firm’s inaugural participation at the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club Show House.

Enjoy The Good Company of Harry Heissmann.


D:  Biggest thrill in your life?

HH: Having a pilot friend of mine give me the best tour of New York City…by way of helicopter.

D:  Critical moment in a designer’s life?

HH: Installation day

D:  Something you would like others to know about you?

HH:  There have to be secrets…

D:  What design lesson did you learn the hard way?

HH:  That leather is priced by the square foot.

D:  What is the signature quality of your work?

HH:  To be able to adapt to the needs of a client.

D:  What makes you feel most empowered?

HH:  Finding the perfect piece for a client’s home.

D:  What methodology do you use to begin your work?

HH:  Start with the floor plan and move forward.

D:  Where did your creative journey begin?

HH:  Living with my maternal grandmother Josefine. I literally grew up with her and most everything I know today, I learned from her. She was a very artistic person and actually learned porcelain painting at Meissen. Her artistry and creativity must have rubbed off on me.

D:  Your current obsession?

HH:  Antique Christmas tree stands.

D:  Favorite charity?

HH: God’s Love We Deliver






All photographs copyright: 1. Portrait: © Andrew French  2. © HH  3. © Larry Merz  4. © Carlos Domenech  5. © HH