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Archive for the ‘In Good Company: Manuela Zervudachi’ Category

In Good Company: Manuela Zervudachi

Sunday, November 28th, 2010



 There is an expressive world, with free association to mythology, the Tarot and matters of nature seen the work of Manuela Zervudachi.

I first saw her bronze forms in Paris and have been haunted since.

Along with the objects, Manuela creates visual scenarios of organic forms,

drawn from childhood memories and spirited journeys.

These sketches become functional pieces such as torcheres, furniture, sconces and custom commissions.

Manuela’s exhibit, out of the blue,

sculptures, mobiles, luminaires, and bas reliefs, is currently on exposition at Galerie Dutko.

Manuela has recently collaborated with Annoushka Ducas 

to create a hard to resist collection of exquisite jewelry, Manuela.

 Enjoy the Good Company of Manuela Zervudachi.


D:  Best lunch spot?

MZ:  Rose Bakery on 30 rue Debelleyme, Paris 3ème.

D:  Best working tool?

MZ:  The thumb and forefinger of my right hand.

D:  Biggest thrill?

MZ:  Deep sea diving with a turtle in Sumatra, Indonesia.

D:  Favorite museum?

MZ:  The Guggenheim, New York.

D:  What do you do in your spare time?

MZ: I keep an extensive dream journal.

D:  Morning or evening person?

MZ:  Morning.

D:  What is your working studio like?

MZ:  My studio is a constantly changing place.

D:  What makes you belly laugh?

MZ:  English humour.

D:  Current obsession?

MZ:  Torn materials.

D:  Favorite charity?

MZ:  Orphan Aid Africa








Photographs used by permission, copyright © Manuela Zervudachi.