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Archive for the ‘In Good Company: Anita Calero’ Category

In Good Company: Anita Calero

Monday, September 6th, 2010



A photographer’s vision is often seen, yet rarely heard. 

If anyone has picked up any Shelter, Lifestyle, Fashion or Food magazine in the last 30 years you have seen

Anita Calero’s unmistakable talent.

Through her meticulous styling and photography, Anita creates a synthesis of purist distinction and comfortable elegance.

A photograph of a simple object to a room filled with modernist iconic furniture, share equal regard to the objective of beauty.

See how Anita lives by visiting LoftLife Magazine. Read Anita’s voice though her dialog below. 

Enjoy The Good Company of Anita Calero.


D:  Favorite museum?

AC:  Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas.  I love Renzo Piano’s play of light and space and James Turrell’s site specific work, Skyspace, Tending (Blue).

D:  Where did your creative journey begin?

AC:  At my parents beautiful home in Colombia, South America. They were both the best creative force for me.

D:  Best working tool?

AC:  My right eye.  My left eye is a confirmation to the right one, just in case.

D:  Best lunch spot?

AC:  Txikito in Chelsea. Not only do they offer the freshest and most creative marriage of foods, but the energy makes your heart sing afterwards.

D:  Best social party of the year?

AC:  My home, where I serve intimate dinners, feeding my dear friends.  The last dinner was with friends I had worked with at Mademoiselle magazine 30 years ago.  We had not been together in a room for so long. . . there were great stories and lots of wine!

D:  What is your signature look?

AC:  The Japanese designers’ look.
D:  What is your working studio like?

AC:  Rugged and fine, perfect and imperfect, humble and luxurious.

D:  What makes your belly laugh?

AC:  Lucille Ball and Red Skelton.

D:  Who are your current design icons?

AC:  Well, my Mother will always be a design icon to me. I also respect Ted Muehling, Federico DeVera, Irvin Penn, George Nakashima, Jean Prouvé. . . oh so many more, I could fill pages and pages.

D:  Favorite charity?

AC:  Anything to do with animals and shelters.







Photographs of Anita Calero’s home used by permission, copyright © Gemma Comas