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Archive for the ‘Art’ Category

Sunday Subliminal: Stay A While

Sunday, January 16th, 2011





If you get tapped on the shoulder in New York City,

you want to turn around and find Scott Schuman with his camera, requesting to photograph you.  

Most of my readers know of Scott Schuman’s 5 year old, daily, hit it out of the park blog; 

The Sartorialist.  

This tapped from the streets, style and fashion photo blog was named in 2007 

Time Magazine’s Design 100, as a major design influencer.

What peripatetic cameraman would not want that tag. 

He chooses to photograph young and older, high fashion to industry worker chic.

Along with the great shots and the great style, The Sartorialist is a no snark zone! 


 Sunday Subliminals are about seeking out and exploring the best of the visual life.

Here is a 7 + minute documentary, directed by Tyler Manson, 

about Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist leading his rarified visual life, from “the digital park bench.” 




All photographs copyright © The Sartorialist.