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In Good Company: Patrick Cline

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011



Through the click of the finger, photographers become storytellers. 

Through the click of the finger, design inspiration can be found on the New York based Lonny Magazine

Both of these are the brainchild executions of British-born Patrick Cline. 

Becoming a co-founder, along with Michelle Adams, of an online design and lifestyle magazine, is a major task.

It is not for those who like to take weekends off.  Hard work pays well though, as Patrick’s story is one whose star continues to rise.

Enjoy The Good Company of Patrick Cline.


D:  Best lunch spot?

PC:  Currently, an authentic Indian Restaurant just around the corner from my studio.  After all, it is England’s National Dish.

D:  Best working tool?

PC:  My Mamiya RZ medium format film camera, the love of my life.

D:  Biggest thrill in your life?

PC:  Two similar experiences, in our first year of business with Lonny Magazine, we appeared in Vanity Fair and then The New York Times.  It had always been a dream to shoot for Vanity Fair, but life often works in a strange way.  I still managed to get into VF, but it was about the magazine, even better!

D:  Favorite color combination?

PC:  Navy Blue & Red, probably influenced by the many images of the Union Jack located in my office and studio. 

D:  What is your working studio like?

PC:  The studio is a work in progress.  I am slowly filling the space up with great art from photographer friends of mine, and random art purchased whilst traveling for Lonny.

D:  What makes you belly laugh?

PC:  My older brother Paul, consistently.  We share the same sense of humor.  Paul is one of the only people who can crack me up to tears.

D:  Where did your creative journey begin?

PC:  Quite by accident, I moved to London from the country in the UK without a job.  A friend of mine suggested I go and help him out at his Black & White Darkroom, underground at Spitalfields Market, in the East end of London.  From that day, I became obsessed by photography.

D:  Who are your current Design Icons?

PC:  There are many talented people and designers I have met on the journey that is Lonny, but I would ultimately say, my business partner Michelle Adams.  She is a complete natural.  Watching her create, visualize, and edit is terrific to watch.

D:  Your current obsession?

PC:  The Mole People, the small ordered communities living underground in New York City. I am currently reading a book about them and it is fascinating!

D:  Favorite charity?

PC:  Cancer has affected my family and I support any charities conducting Cancer research. 








 All photographs used by permission, copyright © Patrick Cline.