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Giving It Away

Saturday, October 16th, 2010


To thank our readers, dialog headquarters is offering a Give-Away!

One of the two books is The Hedonist’s Guide to Art, edited by Laura K Jones, a writer living in London and Berlin.

Hg2 Art is a new handbook that gives readers an insight into both the darker reaches of the art world and some of its more enchanting pockets.

This book published by HG2 and Artica.com, comprises of more than 90 essays by mostly British critics, artists, curators and dealers.


Along with the Hg2 Art, a second book you will receive is Álvaro Siza: Recent Works, published by Phaidon Press.

Álvaro Siza is considered Portugal’s greatest living architect and Mr. Siza is my current obsession.

See my July guest post at designer Brad Ford’s über popular Design Therapy for photographs taken by Zel Nunes of Ibere Camargo Foundation.


Two excellent books I think you will appreciate. 

A winner will be chosen among the subscribers, so if you have not signed up to receive dialog by email, please do so by Sunday, October 31 at midnight (EST).  

The winner will be chosen by random.org and contacted via email requesting a mailing address, for the two books.

What are you waiting for, sign up.

Good Luck.

Update: We have a winner! Thanks to everyone who has signed up as a Dialog subscriber.