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Sunday Subliminal: Stay A While

Sunday, December 12th, 2010











Color in the house, The House of Brinson.

I always try to encourage clients to go to the natural world,

see and select,

before going to the paint fan deck,

heck, just go to the farmer’s market or the kitchen.

As my followers now know, the House of Dialog grooves to a different tune on Sundays. 

Traversing the web, I discovered another house with a spot on tune;

New York based husband and wife team, William and Susan Brinson.

From an industrial chic NYC loft, William, a still life and food photographer, and Susan, a creative director,

share stories and beautiful photographs about food finds, while promoting the style of natural luxury,

through The House of Brinson.


Color from the kitchen,

Williams’ Grandma Brinson would approve and most certainly Stay A While.


All photographs used by permission, copyright © William Brinson.